4 Affordable Super Cars

Luxury sports cars appeal to a very particular American demographic. Buyers of luxury sports cars average 41 years old, are overwhelmingly male (81% male to 19% female), and have household incomes of nearly $190,000. Here are some of the characteristics they look for in luxury sports cars:

Striking design
High-tech features
Great handling
Exceptional quality construction
Advanced safety features
Roomy interior

Here are four new models that discriminating and well-paid car buyers are looking at.

1.    BMW Z4 ($35,000 to $50,000) This is a two-seat hatchback that was previously only offered as a convertible. Handling and exterior styling are selling points. This car can also be used as a daily commute car because of the rear seat hatchback design. It comes with a 3 liter inline six and manual transmission. Automatic transmission is also available.


2.    Porsche Cayman. (No 2009 pricing data available) The Cayman offers comfortable, powerful agility with dual cargo holds for a measure of practicality. This car is a fixed roof version of the Boxster. Like other Porsche models, the Cayman has a reputation for superior handling and a powerful engine. It’s also pretty.

3.    Chevrolet Corvette ($48,000 to $54,000) This American classic is as exotic looking as ever, but is more practical than most luxury sports cars for everyday driving. For 56 years, the Corvette has blended style with performance. It has comfortable seats and gets decent gas mileage for a luxury sports car.

Chevrolet Corvette
Chevrolet Corvette

4.    Lotus Exige ($66,000 to $75,000) Looking for a thrill? The Lotus Exige features excellent handling and amazing speed. This car does not have the level of comfort of some luxury sports cars, so it isn’t the car you’ll want to drive to the office in. But the cool factor makes up for it. It was made to perform. This is a car that doesn’t so much inspire adjectives as it does sighs of satisfaction.

Lotus Exige
Lotus Exige

There are a number of other luxury sports cars out there these days. The Audi A5, Mercedes Benz SLK, Audi TT and Porsche Boxster are other models that make car lovers drool. With over 5 million luxury cars on the road, current economic reality has not managed to stamp out the enthusiasm people have for amazing cars. In fact, Forbes estimates that the luxury car market has expanded by over 30% in the decade leading up to 2009. Even if you know you’ll never buy one of these cars – because of price or practicality considerations – they are still fun to look at, and dream about.

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