4 things every new biker should know

So, if you are getting ready to buy your first motorcycle, and plan to enter the biking scene for the long run, here are a few things you should think about. For most of us, it is not just plug and play. You need some information before you hit the road, and hopefully these tips will help you make the most of your early biking years…

Make sure you are legal! The first tip is to get licensed. This means both you and your bike need to be road legal. Whatever the law is where you are, abide by it. There is nothing as foolish as going out riding when neither you nor your bike have the proper legal licensing.

Take rider training lessons! Before going out on your first ride, or even before you get on your bike, get some experienced instruction. And this does NOT mean for your best friend to “show you the ropes”. Get professional training from and instructor who knows how to handle a bike.

Wear the appropriate safety gear! Riding a motorcycle isn’t just about the bike… you need to have all the appropriate safety gear before you even think about going riding. A helmet, gloves, boots, a jacket, pants… all of these can help to minimize injury while riding if you buy gear that is designed to protect you while riding a motorcycle, so spend the money on gear instead of on doctor bills later!

Find people to ride with! Riding alone can be hazardous, boring, and monotonous. There are few things as fun as riding with friends, so make some new friends or ride with  the friends you hav

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