Bugatti sold for €3.4 million

The 1937 type 57S Atalante Bugatti car was gathering dust in a garage for 50 years before it was sold for amazing €3,417,500 in an auction in Paris.

This is a very special car. Only 17 of them were built and sold. One of the owners was Harold Carr, Newcastle doctor, who died recently and left this amazing car to his relatives. They listed the car in an auction in Paris with the following description:

“The new owner will have the pleasure of firing up [engine] 26S and hearing that turbine-like sound that so excited Earl Howe when he collected this car from Sorel in 1937. Once again [chassis] 57502, a true supercar with impeccable credentials, emerges to take its place on the world stage.”

What do you think? Is´t to much money for this car?

10 thoughts on “Bugatti sold for €3.4 million”

  1. I like cars, but honestly, if I had like billion of dollars, I wouldn’t even think about buying this one.

  2. I agree with Jack. What a waste of money. It’d rather buy 3 corvettes and 2 mustangs, or a ferrari and a lamborghini.

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