Top 4 cars in 2010

Every year, car companies put a new model automobile out on the market as well as updated technology.  Actually, the recent car industry trend has been taking car models already made and completely overhauling the design.  Because of this, consumers are finding that comparison shopping among various models and manufacturers is becoming increasingly difficult.  Cars that were considered top of the line in their category a few short years ago are now mediocre.  And the amount of new model SUVs and sports sedans are exploding at a fast rate.  However, this means car enthusiasts have a wider selection of vehicles to choose from in all price ranges.  So if you are getting ready to go car shopping, keep the following best new automobiles of 2010 in mind.

The Audi S4
The Audi S4

The Audi S4.  Audi introduced this model in order to tone down this car’s image and put it on the same level as the Lexus IS350 and Mercedes C350, which are both less expensive.  The excellent performance of the Audi S4 comes at a fairly reasonable price.  The top feature of this model is its V6 supercharged engine that really gives it speed.  Other fantastic aspects of the Audi S4 include great suspension as well as its Quattro four-wheel drive, making it corner quicker than its 400 plus horsepower counterparts.

The Ford Mustang - 2010
The Ford Mustang - 2010

The Ford Mustang. After 100 years of it first being seen in the T-Model, Ford has finally rectified its rear axle issue.  This year’s new Ford Mustang has finally surpassed its ancient rear suspension and drivers of this model are loving it.  Ford has taken the Mustang and totally redone it from front to rear, interior to exterior to to make it competitive against the Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger.  And the superior tail lamps greatly increases the stability of its aerodynamics and fuel economy.

The E Class Mercedes Benz - 2010
The E Class Mercedes Benz - 2010

The E Class Mercedes Benz. Safety, looks, style.  The brand new Mercedes E Class of 2010 has it all.  The interior is super quiet, making passengers’ rides luxuriously peaceful.  And the style elements are unique and highly showcased, especially the duel headlights and wide chrome grill.  Also, its driver monitor system with lane-departure warning and headlamps are a bow to safety.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010
The Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010

The Ford Fusion Hybrid.  This car joins the ranks of automobiles worthy of ownership for 2010.  The Fusion Hybrid is the leader of the fuel economy pack in the mid-sized hybrid sedan, beating out the Nissan Altima Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid.  The hybrid drive-train is more effective; the dash display is entertaining and innovative.  It was not the beginner it its class, meaning the Fusion Hybrid saved the best for last and became a hot contender themselves.

The above consists of the best 2010 new car models that are a step above the rest.  Make sure that if you are consider being an owner of any of the mentioned cars, the dealer you go to is authentic.  Verify your dealers authenticity and payment transparency when shopping via the internet; you might even find dealers with after-sales service.  While it is true modern society places a lot of value on owning a car, you must focus on selecting from only the best.

Exotic cars and insurance

If you are like most car enthusiasts who have a few dollars burning a hole in your wallet, then you are probably thinking about buying an exotic sports car. Exotic cars can be amazing, and they all share certain, very popular traits – they are usually compact, they are usually very fast, they are sporty, and they include features that you would not ordinarily be able to get in a domestic vehicle. Continue reading Exotic cars and insurance

Bugatti Veyron or a Private Jet?

All car owners know that owning a car cost money. But, how expensive can it be? If you are owner of Bugatti Veyron it can actually be as much expensive as owning a Private Jet!

With a top speed of 400 km/h (253 miles an hour) and a price tag of $2.100.000 – Bugatti Veyron is one of the world´s fastest and most expensive cars. Owning this car is insanely expensive and you will have to be billionaire to afford it. Cost of owning a Veyron is close to $300,000 a year – insane right?

For instance, a routine service for Bugatti Veyron is close to $21.000!!!! (you can buy a new car for that kind of money). Buying new tires for your Bugatti will put a big whole in your wallet. A set of four tires costs close to $38.000!!

That is not all – every fourth tire change the Veyron’s rims must be stress tested for cracks, a sensible precaution in a car this fast. If they are found wanting, they will need to be replaced at a cost of $11.500 per corner.

With those prices in mind – some Bugatti owners are renting (or using their own) private jets to transport their car instead of driving it – it´s less expensive….imagine that!!!


Car Hire in Europe

There are simply so many wonderful places to discover in Europe that you would need a whole lifetime to get around to seeing them all. It is a continent with so much variety with vast differences in landscapes and cultures from one end to the other.

Hiring a car in Europe is a superb way of seeing the sights. It is cheap and there is plenty of choice. It may be best to stick to a car you are used to driving in your everyday life. For example if you drive an automatic car then you may be best served by sticking with that type of vehicle. A great family option is a people carrier which is an affordable option with plenty of space for luggage and family members or travel companions.

There are thousands of car hire pick up points in Europe at airports, train stations, city stops and many other locations. So for instance if you were in Germany you could make use of a car hire Berlin service at one of the two airports or at several downtown spots. In Greece you could obtain a car hire Athens service at the airport or again at a city location.

Car hire is also a hugely popular choice in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. Consider all your options if you intend on touring Europe in the future.

Auto insurance quotes – getting quotes without needing to provide personal information

With identity theft on the rise, it can be troublesome to need to turn over sensitive personal information to car insurance companies that you might not be doing business with. After all, what incentive do they have to protect your interests? And what measures will they be taking to protect you? Some businesses working with car insurance quotes understands this problem, which is why they explain in this detailed video how you can get insurance quotes without personal info from a number of popular auto insurance companies.

Sensitive information, like drivers license numbers and social security numbers, stay safely tucked into your wallet and out of harm’s way. All you need to provide is some basic information about your vehicle, information regarding where the vehicle will be parked, and some other minor details. And this information, after being gathered by the company, is encrypted and stored on a server for the most secure storage possible. Third part interception is basically impossible, meaning that your most sensitive information will not be seen by anyone else.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States, and it is also on the rise all over the world. Why would you lock your door at night to protect your physical belongings, and not protect your identity? Don’t risk this sensitive information. Auto insurance quotes can offer you a better way to get car insurance, a way that is free of the risks associated with identity theft. Everyone needs car insurance, so why not get good quotes from all of the top companies while still protecting your most sensitive information?

Check out Auto insurance quotes today, and find out why more and more people are looking for insurance the smart way. In case you have missed the link to the video above, check it here below:

Buying a Used Car Online

Finding the car of your dreams has never been easier. The internet has made it extremely simple to buy and sell used cars without having to go through a used car dealer. This means you can easily find the car you want and get it for a great price too.

Buy a new car is rarely the best option, you can quite easily get a car that is as good, or even better for a fraction of the price. This is because new cars depreciate most in value over the first 3 years. So you can buy a 3 year old used car, that is as good as new, and you can save thousands of dollars.

When looking for a new car it helps to know exactly what you want, but obviously that will not always be the case. A website like Autohound is a great place to browse and buy because they have a lifestyle search, where you can easily search for a car to fit your lifestyle.

Another great feature of this website is that you can search for cars that are specific to your location, so you don’t have to travel far to make your purchase. A simple search such as used cars Toronto, used cars Ottawa or used cars Calgary will bring you specific results.

The more advanced search options are great if you have a specific idea of the features you want for you car. You can specify “Power Windows” or “Cruise Control” and the search will only display cars that have those features.

Finding a used car online has never been easier, and the best place to find used cars online if you are from Canada is Autohound.

Car insurance quotes

Finding cheap car insurance quotes nowadays can be a challenge, especially considering the fact that most insurance companies are raising their prices almost as fast as we can look for cheaper rates! The fact is simply that cheap car insurance is getting harder and harder to come by… so we need to be ever more diligent in looking for it. Continue reading Car insurance quotes

Make Money Repossessing Cars or Doing Other Unusual Things

Today’s economy is requiring creative ingenuity from many people just to survive. There have always been students who sell their plasma, and people pawning possessions to earn a few extra bucks. But there are many more ways to bring in extra cash legally. Here are a few of them. Continue reading Make Money Repossessing Cars or Doing Other Unusual Things