A Guide on How to Get your Auto Insurance Policy

Auto insurance, which includes car and motor insurance, provides total protection against loses incurred as a result of an accident. A vehicle owner will purchase an insurance policy, among other reasons, to reduce the risk incurred in the event of a car or truck accident. You can also buy an insurance policy to secure your car against fire, theft, vandalism, and of course accident damage.

A typical auto insurance policy covers the vehicle owner (insured party), the vehicle, and/or a third party involved in an accident. There are different insurance policies for a client to choose from since each policy is valid for particular situations. Important to also note is that the level of coverage (protection) might also vary for each insurance policy.

Simply put, insurance is one of the crucial things that will offer security to your family, you and your automobile. You’re only required to pay a particular premium agreed upon between you and the insurer for a certain period of time, and the insurer on the other hand agrees to pay you in the event of damage or automobile loss. Of equal importance to note is the fact that the cost of an insurance policy depends on the level of coverage i.e. if you pay more, the policy will cover more.

The Main types of auto insurance today include:

•    Fully Comprehensive insurance policy
•    Third party insurance
•    Third party (fire & theft)
•    Specialized car insurance

Many people opt for fully comprehensive auto insurance policy because as the name may suggest, it encompasses all other types of auto insurance including damage due to, fire, natural causes, accidents, theft etc. However, since it offers 100% security, it tends to be quite expensive. Third party insurance on the other hand is the cheapest of all offering coverage in the event of an accident, which a third party is involved and you the vehicle owner are at fault. People who have old automobiles prefer this type of auto insurance.

Classic or specialized car insurance
is for 25 year-old auto mobiles, simply because they require specialized services. You can select the best of the specialized car insurance policy based on your insurance needs and budget range. That said, before you buy an insurance policy, it’s important to verify the source/company and have a clear budget on how much you can afford for insurance.

Your budget allocation will help you determine the level of coverage that you wish to have for your auto insurance. Compare and contrast same insurance policies from different insurance companies and agents to be able to make the best informed decision. Discuss your budgetary allocation, as well as your insurance needs with different companies and then select the best among the companies. For more information, look online for the best available insurance quotes.

How to Use Your Car as a Tax Write Off

Most people don´t know that they can use their cars as a means to save valuable tax money on their income. Even if you are using your car for personal purposes, if you can prove and show that it has been used by your company for business purposes, and all the expenses on the car, like fuel expenses, maintenance expenses, etc., as expenses of the company, then you will surely get deductions on the taxes which you earlier would have to pay completely. Continue reading How to Use Your Car as a Tax Write Off

Car title loans

Loans are hard to get for just about everyone, unless you have good credit. What if you are trying to raise or reestablish your credit, you have to start somewhere, right? This is a good way to start if you have no credit or poor credit, get a car title loan. With this type of loan, you have the ability to still keep driving your car and get the money you need to get back and forth to your job or just want cast for the holiday season. This loan is great for no credit people because there are only a few criteria that they need to meet.

With this type of loan, you need to own a car. The car title must have no leans or you must not owe any money on the car. The lender runs the car title to see if any other place or lender ha the rights to the title. The value you get for your car also depends on the Kelley blue book or the NADA guidelines. These books cover the prices of used cars and will tell the lender how much they could get for your car if you default on the loan. If you get this loan, it is said only borrow about one third of the blue book value. This will keep your payments more manageable so you don’t loose your car for non-payment of the loan.

The last thing you need to know about these loans is that the interest rates are higher because with these loans, they mature in a shorter time than a regular loan. Some of these places offer great deals on interest rates; you just need to do the research on the lending places. Some car title loans places offer you a deal if you bring in another person or other things like that, or they will give you $50 towards your loan balance. Please do the research, you don’t want to jump right in and sign up for a loan agreement that you can’t get out of.