Types of illegal vehicle

When looking to buy a new car you need to make sure the car is legal. You need to make sure there is no hidden history that the seller is trying to keep away from you. There are multiple things that make a car illegal – not simply that it is stolen. Here are the types of illegal vehicle you could potentially be offered, and what to look out for.

Stolen cars are the simplest to make sure you don’t buy. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to simply pay for a car history check, and any hidden past of the car being stolen or written off will be available to you.

A clocked car is where a person has tampered with the odometer so that the mileage the car is displaying will be significantly less than what it has actually done. A bit of investigative work on your behalf will quickly unravel the truth here though. Checking with old MOT certificates and previous owners will give you an indication of how many miles you should be expecting to see. If the mileage is unusually low, yet the seats are very worn and the steering wheel is worn down and shiny, then it would indicate that the car has had more use than you would think.

A third type of car that is illegal is what is known as a “ringer”. A ringer is a car that has the identification numbers of a written-off car and will be supplied with false documentation. All ringers will have their VIN replaced so it is best to check the VIN plates for any tampering or replacement. To check for this ensure that the logbook is genuine, and has the DVLA watermark. If the car is a ringer then it will eventually be returned to its original owner, which will leave you out of pocket and with no car.

A ‘cut and shut’ is the most dangerous of all illegal car types. It is where two or more vehicles have been welded together to form one. This seriously compromises the integrity of the structure and will lead to fatal injuries should you crash. Always check central pillars, poor paintwork, ill-fitting trims, and damaged plates to prevent buying a cut and shut.

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