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I don´t no if the environment is the key behind more and more electric-powered bikes coming out these days but I am glad that something is done to help our planet. There are mostly smaller companies who have come out with these electric-powered bikes and I guess it´s because the large manufacturers don´t belive that these bikes will bring them money. That said, I am really exited to hear that one of the larger companies,  KTM,  are developing an electric bike that will compete with 125/250cc two-stoke motocross machines. Accoriding to KTM, it´s expected to show up on the market next year.


The “Mission One” bike is looking amazing. With high-quality chassis components from Brembo and Ohlins, futuristic styling combined with in-house battery and motor technology, this Electric Sports Motorcycle is attempting to break into the Sports Bike market.

With benefits such as a top speed of 150mph (241 km/h), a single gear, zero noise and with carbon emissions and radical styling,  this motorcycle would surely get on the top of the list for most of us bike freaks.

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  1. Yep. After riding the Vectrix, I love the idea of an electrically, or fuel-cell powered bike. I don’t know what other people think on this, it’s hard to imagine a market in the future where we don’t have petrol engines, but it’s coming. Bike magazine this month wrote a really good piece on how 2005 was the height of sports-bike engine development and since then all engineering work has gone into meeting the tightening emissions laws.

    For me, and I guess most bikers, the weirdest concept is the different noise, or near total loss of noise. A sports-bike engine on full-chat is music to my ears, yet the whirring-up of an electric motor is also interesting. I’m imagining the day when an electric bike runs along side the R1’s and GSX-R’s in WSB. Like the 500 two-strokes and 1000cc four-strokes did in MotoGP in 2002/3.

  2. I got nothing against an electric engine…

    ..but i need NOISE. Apart from the fact that drivers don’t exactly look out for riders (ESPECIALLY in my country) loud pipes have actually been a saving grace.

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