Fastest electric motorcycle

Perhaps you have heard of the Killacycle… or perhaps you have not. Well, it is the fastest electric motorcycle on the planet! This motorcycle set the world speed record for electric drag bikes in a screaming 7.82 second ? mile run, during which the bike peaked at 168 mph! The bike is owned by a government scientist named Bill Dube.

So, what kind of batteries power this bike? Well, they are not your classic double A’s, that’s for sure! The battery is a new Nan phosphate electrode battery cell from A123Systems. This battery gives the bike a monstrous boost of power, and utilizes nanotechnology to pry every ounce of speed from this electric demon of the road!

This battery is expected to have a usable life of 10 years, and is made of many more environmentally safe materials than you might think. The motor, which can provide 500 hp, is more than enough to challenge any gasoline powered bike! In fact, specialists and riders alike agree that batteries are bound to replace gasoline as the primary source of power for motorcycles. So, it won’t be long until you see the first battery powered bikes racing. Hey, since everyone else is starting to drive them, why not?

Electric motorcycles are cheaper to run, safer for he environment, and more efficient in terms of utilizing power. Yes, they require some charge time, but you won’t be driving them 24 hours at a time either! There is plenty of down time to allow for charge-ups, leading many to believe that electric bikes are bound for world domination quicker than you might think! So, is the Killacycle impressive? Well, if it impresses the record books, and also professional motorcycle riders around the world, than it more than impresses me!

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