Five Reasons Why You Need HID Kits

HID kits are one of the best upgrades you can make to your car. Sure, they don’t make it go any faster or grip the road, but they can light up the darkness with amazing results. HID term stands for for high intensity discharge. The bulbs of HID headlights are filled with an inert gas, usually Xenon, which helps create those amazing beams of light. There are 5 main benefits of owning a set of these futuristic headlights:

1. Xenon headlights outlast the old halogen ones by up to 10 times. Normal halogen are dull, boring and yellow and last around 750 hours before they need to be replaced. HIDs last up to 7,500 hours, most people would probably sell their car before having to buy new headlights.

2. HID kits produce more light at a higher intensity than halogens. Halogen lights range between 900-1,200 lumens yet HIDs run at around 3,400 lumens.

3. Halogen bulbs use up more electricity for poorer performance than high intensity discharge lamps. Halogen lights use 55w bulbs, whereas HID lights use only 35w, yet create higher, more intense lighting.

4. HIDs are simple to install. Instructions come with the kit and it will only take up 20-30 minutes of your time, even if you aren’t so mechanically minded, they are really simple to fit. The kit is plug ‘n’ play, meaning there is no complicated wiring to sort out.

5. They are generally regarded as being so much more cooler and fun looking than regular bulbs and they increase visibility at night meaning they keep you safer. Depending on what rating bulbs you get, you have the option of fitting some bulbs which give off brilliant white, blue or even purple tinged beams of light.

So, instead of replacing your old halogen lights, change to HIDs. They are better performing, offer excellent visibility which makes you car look great and use up less electricity.

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