High Intensity Discharge Conversion Kits

Everyone has heard about HID or high intensity discharge kits, but do you really know anything about them? The differences between a HID converison kit, a bi-Xenon bulb and a halogen bulb can seem a little daunting at first, but it’s quite simple really.

Older cars usually use a halogen bulb. This is a bulb which has a filament, just like a household light bulb. This uses quite a lot of energy for the size and performance it produces. Newer cars use a bi-Xenon HID which is a bulb filled with Xenon gas. This helps the bulbs be whiter, brighter and use less energy. A HID kit is the very pinnacle of where automotive headlights have really come along. There is an electrical arc which is created in a gas filled tube. This super high intensity creates a wonderful white light which explodes a breath of fresh air into the night.

The lifespan of a halogen bulb is very short and bi-Xenon ones are a little better. Any car using halogen lamps can be converted to HID lights. A HID kit uses only around a 35w bulb and outlasts a standard halogen bulb four times over. It also produces the most light and offers a superbly white result too.

Overall the HID conversion kit is a small price to pay for such a big impact on your night-time driving experience. The fact the bulbs outlast old versions over and over means they are actually a shroud investment. When you are looking for a fresh look for your car, look no further than HID conversion kits. They completely outperform halogen bulbs or even the newer bi-Xenon bulbs and undercut their energy level usage. If you don’t buy a set of HID super lights just for superior night performance, buy some to reduce the negative effect of wasted energy on the environment.

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