Keeping Your Car Clean Inside and Out

If you have a great car you are proud of, you want it to look its best inside and out at all times.  This is why you need to learn more about what you can do to maintain its impressive looks and superior running engine.  Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Inside the Engine and Car Tips

Whenever you are on the highway, try to keep your cruising speed at around 60mph; this will help your car run smoother, longer.  To increase fuel efficiency, always use the type of gasoline recommended from the manufacturer and makes sure your trunk is cleaned out and not weighed down.

Outside on the Car’s Exterior Tips

Although an engine that runs smoothly is vital to a car’s overall value and performance, the car’s exterior is important too.  Anything from the paint on the body to the leather on the seats must be maintained on a consistent basis.  The following are some great tips to keep your car looking like the day you bought it off of the lot.

Cleaning the Body–Start by rinsing the collected dust and dirt off of the car.  Then, you wash it with soapy water and a soft sponge.  Once you do that, rinse the soap off and wash the tires.  After you wash the tires, dry them using a clean, soft cloth.  If you neglect to dry them, the wet spots left behind will collect dust and leave a dirty spot after it dries.

Polishing the Body–Every month you need to use a special chemical made specifically to remove dirt and bugs from the car’s body.  This chemical acts like polish also and can be bought at any auto parts store.  Besides the polish, makes sure to buy a quality wax to use on your car once every two months.  Although you can pay to have this done at most car washes, you get better results when you do it yourself.

Tires and Other Parts–You always want to make sure your tires are well taken care so they can stay durable and strong.  There are specialized cleaning products you can use on your tires to keep the dust at bay.  This also goes for other parts such as those made from wood veneer, vinyl, and plastic.

Maintaining the Interior–Even though it may not be directly visible from the outside of the car, you also have to maintain the car’s interior.   A car that is dirty on the inside does not impress.  To help you do that, invest in some seat covers.  Periodically remove them to wash and while they are being washed, vacuum the seats.  Once the seat covers are dry, you can put them back in your car.

Windows and Carpets–All windows should be cleaned with an appropriate cleaner, using a lint free cloth.  Mild cleansers are ideal for the dashboard and surrounding, hard surfaces.  Keep the carpet vacuumed and purchase a set of rubber mats to prevent the dust from settling and dirt from becoming ground in the carpet.

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