Make Money Repossessing Cars or Doing Other Unusual Things

Today’s economy is requiring creative ingenuity from many people just to survive. There have always been students who sell their plasma, and people pawning possessions to earn a few extra bucks. But there are many more ways to bring in extra cash legally. Here are a few of them.

Become a Repo-Man (or Woman)

The real name for this specialty is “auto recovery specialist.” This option isn’t for the squeamish. The way it works is, banks or car dealers that financed cars that aren’t being paid for will hire a recovery specialist to go and get those cars back so they can stem their losses. They will generally pay $80 to $300 for each vehicle you’re able to repossess.

Repossessing Cars
Repossessing Cars

If you want to do this, you have to be prepared for people not to like you. It is very likely that you will be chased, and it isn’t unheard of to have someone pull a gun on you. There isn’t one standard way to become a “repo man.” Some people just start offering their services. Others train as private investigators and recover repossessed cars on the side. It’s hard, unpleasant work, but it’s a relatively quick way to make a few dollars.

Sell Ad Space on Your Car

Some people make money by turning their car into a rolling advertisement for a business. This has the potential to earn several hundred dollars per month, sometimes with a stipend for gas thrown in. The company buying the ad space on your car pays several thousand dollars to put an advertising “wrap” on the car. Then the car is used as a mobile advertisement that is seen wherever the driver goes for up to three years.

There are a few requirements, however. You have to have a decent car to begin with – usually less than three years old. The driver has to take a driving safety course, and must have a clean driving record. The driver should not be aggressive, or subject to fits of road rage. The advertiser will cancel the contract and remove the ad from the car if the driver is a menace. This option has become popular enough in the current economic downturn that there is often a waiting list for people wanting to turn their cars into ads.

Sell Your Hair

Another unusual moneymaking plan that has experienced an uptick during the current recession is selling hair. For years, people – usually women – have grown their hair long, and then donated it to charities that make wigs for cancer patients and people with other types of hair loss. But this is not the only option. In fact, these charities are often overwhelmed with contributions and end up throwing out much of the hair they receive.

The most sought-after hair on the wig market is hair from Asians or south Asians, particularly if it has never been processed by color, perms, or everyday heat styling. This type of hair is generally thicker than that of other races, and can stand up to the extensive processes that are involved in making human hair wigs. Long, shiny, clean, unprocessed hair can earn over $1,000.


Today’s economy is forcing people to search for creative ways to make ends meet. Admittedly, some of these ways of making money are better regarded than others. But when a paycheck is all that stands between you and homelessness, becoming a repo man or selling hair doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.

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