Meet the Almost Fifty Percent of Motorists Opting Out of Driving This Easter

A generation ago, it would be almost unheard of to purposely avoid driving on Easter weekend. Good Friday is usually the busiest day, with over five million car journeys predicted. The numbers could get bigger than that, but it won’t be settled until the holiday is over.

Here’s another shocking statistic for you: according to a surprising survey by OSV Ltd, motorists are actually delaying travelling during Easter, and some are saying that they absolutely will not go out at all.

Easter driving

Their primary concern? Traffic delays. After all, everyone has the same idea on the holiday: go and see friends and family for a while. This can lead to a lot more traffic congestion than usual, and many motorists are deciding that it’s just not worth it.

The survey conducted by OSV Ltd, a vehicle leasing supplier, indicated that the official figure is 53% of us just won’t be driving. Those chocolate bunnies will just have to stay on the shelves.

This shift is more pronounced when you consider that just two years ago, over 80% of motorists insisted they would be on the road in 2014.

Over a thousand motorists were surveyed, and only 470 of them stated that they were considering visiting family or perhaps taking a quick holiday somewhere.

There were other rationales for avoiding the roads this Easter break mentioned, including 14% of the motorists that said they were avoiding the roads simply because they couldn’t afford to do so. The next highest percentage (27%) indicated that they just didn’t feel bothered to get out on the roads to see anyone.

It is presumed that as petrol costs and traffic congestion concerns grow more people will opt out of not only Easter, but other holidays as well.

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