Motorcycle helmet tips

As far as motorcycle helmets go, there is really only one truly safe choice, and that is an enclosed helmet with a face shield. Granted, it might take some getting used to if you have been riding open-aired up until now, but I guarantee that switching to an enclosed helmet will keep you safer in the long run.

Some people are concerned with these helmets because they seem to limit your field of vision. This is only true vertically. Horizontally, these helmets offer complete vision. Vertically, you may find yourself tilting your head forwards in order to read the instrument panel, but this will still not effect your line of sight with the road. So, vision is really not all that impaired with enclosed helmets.

Another concern with enclosed helmets is the  reduced noise. Some people say that these helmets make it harder to hear the sounds around you that you need to hear in order to be safe. Is this true? Partially. Most of the noise blocked out by an enclosed helmet is just background noise. Sounds like other vehicles coming in your direction are really not effected by an enclosed helmet, so don’t worry about that.

An enclosed helmet also offers more protection against things like bugs and birds. Come on, admit that bugs  in your face is irritating. And do you even want to think about what could happen if a bird hit you in the face at 60 mph? Wouldn’t you rather have an enclosed helmet on for THAT one? It is true that an enclosed helmet will not be as comfortable, but it WILL protect you more, which is the most important thing. Of course, you need to get used to it before you go all out, but if you ever have trouble (which, hopefully you won’t…), than you will undoubtedly be glad that you chose an enclosed helmet.

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