Cheap used cars in Scotland

In this article we will look at the best way of going about sourcing a cheap used car in Scotland.

Firstly you will need to do a little research about the kind of car that will be appropriate to your lifestyle. This is not always as straight forward as it seems and many people easily get carried away and fall in love with a car that is wholly unsuitable.

This happened to a buyer at a car dealer in Aberdeen. A woman was generally browsing the forecourt and she spotted a used Alfa Romeo Spider, the earlier model that ceased production in 2004. It was a beautiful yellow colour, in excellent condition and was on sale at a very attractive price. She simply fell in love with it and bought it on the spot. The dealer was able to make all the arrangements and accepted the car in which she had arrived in part exchange.

Thrilled with her new wheels she drove it home but when she arrived there she was greeted by the barking of her Golden Retriever. She had failed to consider her dog and despite her best efforts it was completely impossible for her to carry Rex in the car.

Somewhat upset she returned to the dealer who was very sympathetic and was happy to take back the Spider and replace it with a more suitable car (a Ford Focus). He didn’t even charge her for the inconvenience. Of course not everybody is lucky enough to find such a generous dealer as that one.

If you are looking for a used car in Scotland, you can do a dealer search on one of the many comparison sites. Once you have matched your needs to your desired car, you need to find a good deal that ideally does not involve you in travelling too far afield. Fortunately, most good comparison sites specialises in finding cheap used car deals close to your own Scottish postal code.

Drivers and Sports Cars: A Love Affair

It wasn’t long after the automobile was mass produced in the early 20th century that enthusiasts began thinking of ways to maximize their performance. Though it took a few decades to perfect the design of sports cars to the point where they weren’t rolling death traps, sports cars have always been the objects of desire and fascination for people who are into cars. Even people who claim not to care about car models will take an extra look when a gorgeous little red sports car rolls past. Aesthetics are a close second to engine power where sports cars are concerned. Continue reading Drivers and Sports Cars: A Love Affair

3 Hybrid Cars Worth Considering

With the uncertainty surrounding fuel prices and growing concern over the environment, the popularity of hybrid cars has risen dramatically in the past five years. These cars use a combination of electric and gas power: gas when acceleration is needed, and electricity when coasting or stopped. Because of this, these cars get really good gas mileage, even in the family sedan models. Honda and Toyota, two car brands that are popular and have a reputation for quality, have hybrid cars on the market. Let’s take a look. Continue reading 3 Hybrid Cars Worth Considering

4 Affordable Super Cars

Luxury sports cars appeal to a very particular American demographic. Buyers of luxury sports cars average 41 years old, are overwhelmingly male (81% male to 19% female), and have household incomes of nearly $190,000. Here are some of the characteristics they look for in luxury sports cars: Continue reading 4 Affordable Super Cars

Quality in Mahle Oil Filters

Mahle Oil Filters maintain oil quality by preventing contaminants in your engine. They help promote a better engine and full-use of your fuel and oil. Their stable fold architecture assures your car’s cold start ability. These filters boast a compressed relief regulator that guarantees oil delivery in conditions such as, having sticky oil caused by drops in temperature, or having an eroded filter cartridge, or when you’ve forgotten to change your oil. These filters also have a valve that stops oil from filtering out of the canister once it’s in when you switch off the engine. This valve makes sure there is enough oil when you start your engine again. Mahle Oil Filters use excellent clamping mechanisms and a custom fit that connects the pieces. This assures you that your contaminated oil will be separated from the filtered oil.

Mahle Oil Filters

The company has worked to create filter cartridges that are economical solutions for repairs shops. They are made of paper and environment-friendly plastic, this makes the cartridges are metal-free so they can be incinerated. This makes Mahle Oil Filters eco friendly. Instead of replacing the complete filter, only the dirty filter element has to be exchanged. It saves material and disposal costs for you. Mahle Oil Filters have a conspicuous black plastic pin with a sealing ring attached to it. Mechanics use this as a draining device when changing an oil filter cartridge. Mahle Oil Filters designers did this because it makes changing oil less messy, which gives them a great edge.

Mahle Oil Filters fit perfectly, and have a high flow rate. It has an original equipment design, materials and performance. They also have superior structural integrity through high quality sheet metal, endplates and seaming. Most people prefer them because they are reliable and easy to replace. As always when it comes to buying a filter, consult with the vehicle manual in order to be sure what kind of filter will fit your engine.

The history of Hybrid cars

A hybrid car is that kind of vehicle that is not only powered by energy from fuel. It uses a combination of electric motor and a combustion engine. One of the most popular models that belong to this category is Toyota Prius. These types of cars were not common historically and they have become more popular in the recent times. Many manufacturers are now offering many models of hybrid cars because of their demand in every part of the world. Though these cars rely on gas, they also reduce demand for fuel by their owners significantly.

During the earlier stages in the automobile industry, there were very few vehicles that were electric powered running on the road. By that time, vehicles that are gas powered did not rule the roads like they do at the moment. These cars developed 100 years after manufacture of the first car, and as is simply put, at the beginning of 21st century. The first model was manufactured in the 60s and these types of vehicles came to be available towards the end of 20th century. The first hybrid car was launched in 1900. It was electric powered only and later an engine that was gas powered was later added to it, hence becoming the first hybrid car.

Toyota Prius

This idea of cars that are double powered emerged later a couple of times. These types of cars are better known for their fuel efficiency and are also environmental friendly. They are built just like the others, but they have a battery that is more prominent. They are rechargeable and their work is to power electric engines.

Even though they depend on fuel to run, they are certainly heading in the right direction, because they use no energy and they work when driving at low speed. This will make you save a lot especially if you are cruising at a speed 40 m/ph.

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Buy Used Car

To buy used car from a dealer, especially if you’re not an experienced car buyer, you should prepare yourself by getting information on the available options and ways to buying a used car.

Used Car

To start with, you may need to convince yourself of the benefits of buying a used car.

For many, used cars simply mean value for money, as a new cars value can drop as much as 30% as soon as it leaves the dealership.

If you’re thinking about buying one of the more expensive cars but don’t want to pay the full sticker price, buying one used can bring the car within your price range.

The overall process to buying a used car is similar to buying a new car. For the first, you should think about what you need from the car, in terms of car type, options, and details (perhaps down to the make of the car).

Also, smart shopping includes doing research on car prices (for your target price), car financing, car insurance, plus an understanding of the process, which all should help you negotiate better terms for your purchase.

buying a used car

As there are a lot of emotions involved in buying a car, doing research will give a more detached point-of-view to evaluate the purchase.

Where to Buy Used Car

Your options for sources to buy a used car include:

used car dealerships
private sellers
auctions, both online and off-line
rental car agencies

Also, dealerships that sell new cars have inventories of used cars. These are either trade-in cars or customer returns of new cars. All these sources have their pros and cons. Continue reading Buy Used Car

Car Safety Features and Advancements

The issue of car safety is on everyone’s lips these days.  With the countless number of crashes that are due to the malfunction of some manufacturer’s vehicles–think Toyota–other car makers are taking appropriate steps to make sure their vehicles will not be slammed in the evening news.   The following is a list of typical safety points one will find in newer cars.

Stability Control

Stability control assists drivers in avoiding devastating crashes by using electronic computerized technology.  This feature comes into play when a driver loses directional control and steering.

Anti-Lock Brake System

This system is essential in preventing skidding by stopping wheels from locking up while driving on icy or slippery roads.  This brake system advancement enhances directional and steering control.  An anti-lock brake system, or ABS, will pump the brake automatically in instances of sudden stops in order to help the driver gear his concentration toward steering.

Backup Sensing System

This feature is fairly new in car safety technology; it creates a warning signal when the vehicle approaches a car too closely.  This warning signal operates from a sensor that is installed in the rear portion of a car.


Airbags have been around since the first one was placed in Oldsmobile Toronados in 1973.  They automatically provide a cushion to protect passengers from the impact of a crash.  Airbags can be found in doors, steering wheels, dashboards, and the backs of seats, depending upon the year, make, and model of the car. Continue reading Car Safety Features and Advancements

Air Pollution Inside Cars

Studies show that indoor air pollution can be more fatal than what people breathe in outside their vehicles. In fact, these studies show that heat and ultraviolet (UV) light may trigger the release of some harmful chemicals inside cars, some of which are linked to birth defects, impaired learning, liver toxicity, and premature births among other serious health risks. Such chemicals are found in the car’s seat cushions, armrests, floor coverings, and other plastic parts, which are then easily inhaled through contact with dust by anyone inside the vehicle.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prevent or lessen the risks. People can roll down their car windows while being stuck in traffic. Not only will this lessen the temperature inside the car on a blazing, summer’s day, but it will also promote enough ventilation as well as promote proper circulation of air. Parking under shady areas and using sun visors and reflectors can also prevent the triggering of these harmful chemicals.

Moreover, governments are calling on car manufacturers to use alternative materials for car furnishings. Since a car is considered a chemical reactor even before turning on the ignition, using safer and friendlier materials will greatly help keep people healthy even when inside them.

So, You Bought an Old School Chevelle – Now What

Picking up an old school Chevelle can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you’re a collector, it’s seriously going to be a very good thing. You just have to embrace it as such. You just have to make sure that you are truly enjoying the experience. When you choose to buy a classic car, you will find that it probably need some work. Is that a good reason to stay away from them? Not at all. The truth is that when you get a classic car, you’re getting a piece of history. You get the satisfaction of knowing that the car in question will never be done again. Once a classic car goes out of production, it rarely comes back in the same form. So that’s something that should probably make you pretty happy.

Are you thinking about trying to get something different going with your car collection? A Chevelle definitely helps you round out your collection. It’s a beautiful car for people that want to have a piece of old fashioned American muscle without having to go back to the Mustang. Of course, you will still need to make sure that you do some thinking right after you get your Chevelle home.

It’s a car that definitely needs some tender loving care. You want to make sure that you watch how much dirt gets on the car, because if you don’t you will end up ruining the paint job. It’s harder to find the exact paint to match classic cars. Many paint colors were discontinued, and sometimes you have to go with an approximation of the color. This is getting better as technology gets better, but be prepared to pay big money otherwise if you can’t find the exact paint job.

The parts of your Chevelle can be expensive, but did you know that you really don’t have to invest in pricey parts? You can actually go with a quality source online to get your parts at a discount price.

One of the best sites to go to for this type of thing would be Ecklers Chevelle. As the name implies, this is a portal devoted to all things Chevelle, for all 13 years of production. So if there’s that one hard to find item that you’ve been searching for, chances are that you’re going to find it on this site. The shipping is reasonable and there’s even a documentation library that covers all things related to the car itself — definitely a site you need to bookmark today!