Save More Money at the Gas Pump

With gas prices being as high as they currently are, a lot of motorists are changing the way they drive altogether.  Long gone are the days of filling up a large SUV without being taken aback by the cost.  And $20 certainly does not get you as far as it used to.  If gas prices are a big concern to you, like they are with most people, it is time to learn of some methods to help you save more money at the gas pump.

Join a Carpool

If you have a fairly long commute to work, there may be someone you know living in your area who goes the same direction to work that you do every day.  If you do not, there are several websites dedicated to helping those who want to carpool find each other through no cost ad posting.

Although it could take several months to match up with a compatible carpooler, the time you wait is definitely worth the savings you will receive.  You will essentially be spending 50% less on gasoline per work week.  It is almost the same as paying $1.25 for gas when it is actually $2.50 or $1.50 if the price is $3.00.

Move to Reduce Your Commute Time

If you move closer to where you work, you can seriously cut down your commute time, leaving you with big savings and extra free time.  However, that is not very easy to do right now considering the state of the real estate market.  But renters can still do this without as much hassle, especially if they are on a month to month or six-month lease; they will not be bound by a long term contract.  Everyone knows the wish for lower gas prices is no longer worth hoping for, so the sooner you do this, the better off you will be.

Drive a Car with High Gas Mileage

Buying a car that can get more miles to the gallon will save you tons of money.  While your new car might not be as roomy as you would like, your smaller car will allow you to gas up less, saving you more.  There are plenty of resources on the internet that have a list of vehicles and their average gas mileage rate.

Ride Public Transportation

If you live in a city where public transportation is offered, you should use it.  Of course, if you do decide to give public transportation a whirl, you must get organized first.  You will have to learn the bus route’s schedule and possibly wake up at an earlier time in order to not be late for work.

It is very clear that the the majority of Americans are negatively impacted by the rise in gas prices, which makes it surprising considering how few people are taking drastic steps in order to protect themselves from spending too much money.  It is worth changing your driving habits to help keep your driving costs down.

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