Suzuki Hayabusa

So, is the new 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa worth it’s near $12,000 price tag? Maybe. Lets see what riders are saying about one of the fastest bikes out there today for the money.

Well, the 2008 Hayabusa delivers all the power that you are used to, plus even a little bit more. Also, the drive train and chassis have been improved, making the bike safer and easier to handle. The body has been tweaked in a new cosmetic way as well, featuring the same basic silhouette but with more angles and curves. The headlights might be the most noticeable change to the new busa, as they are less bulky and more aerodynamic looking.

The engine is now bigger, and boasts 1,340 cc as opposed to the 1,299 it did have. This makes the bike more power hungry than ever, so be careful on the throttle until you get used to the bike’s twin swirl combustion chambers that offer over 10% more power than before. The bike will give you up to 194 hp, and don’t you dare doubt it!

Some other improvements made to Sazuki’s famous bike are in exhaust improvements and the selective drive mode system. This allows the engine to except modifications to the power using a thumb selector switch.

The new Hayabusa is said to be faster than ever, so be careful before cranking her open. The power reserves hidden within this beast are bottomless, and there are few places on earth that are safe enough for you to unleash this fury without risking at least your life (or, your drivers license if the cops catch you!) !

All in all, the Hayabusa is a devil of a machine. Fast paces, power filled, and beautiful… the 2008 busa is a bike that you will not want to miss out on.

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