Online car valuations

There are many websites nowadays offering you selling advice about your car and you can now get online car valuations to see how much the car you are selling is worth. The companies offering these services are looking to help customers sell their care quickly and fairly whilst providing a great experience for the customer.

Some of the selling advice about selling your car through online companies is that; you don’t have to advertise your car, receive calls at all hours of the day and night, you don’t have to have a stranger or time waster come to your home to take a test drive, you are sure it will sell and you will get your money quickly. This also helps avoid continuing tax and insurance costs for a car you do not want.

car valuations

The first step you need to carry out when selling a car, through whichever method, is to get a car valuation. There are many ways you can do this, one of them being online car valuation. You may find that some sites will just offer you an instant price guide but others will use information that you provide about the condition of your car before they send out a valuation. These services are completely free and you are not under any obligation to sell your car.

To get an online valuation look on the internet for companies offering this service. Then;

1. Enter the car registration number plate that you are looking to sell into the website.

2. Give some details about the car, for example, MOT, mileage and service history.

3. Give an honest description and assessment of the car’s condition, noting any extra features that you car might have had fitted. The company will usually provide you will a downloadable condition assessment form to help you with this task.

It is that simple. The company will then look at your information, take into account everything that is written and will then email you a valuation and details about how to make an appointment to sell the car. Should you then choose to use the company who provided the online valuation to sell your car for you then they will carry out an inspection of your car in-site before they actually buy it. They will be looking for aspects of its condition or history which wasn’t apparent when you sent them the car information and offer you selling advice.

So it is clear that using an online valuation of your car is that it can be a quick and effective way to get an estimate of your cars value before you sell it. However you should always be as clear and honest as possible when providing the company with your details to get the very best valuation.