Honda Insight Hybrid – 2010

Honda is hands-down the leader in creating clean, fuel-efficient automobile technology in addition to advances in gasoline alternatives, hydrogen powered and no-emission FCX Clarity car fuel cells, and a highly advanced production auto.  And now, Honda has something new to put on its list – the 2010 Insight Hybrid.

On the first day of 2009, the Insight made its debut into the car industry appealing to customer with its extra features.  The efficiency and cost-effectiveness in which it is produced as well as the hybrid technology – Integrated Motor Assist – has completely redefining the evolution technology of all hybrids.  Why?  Customer who are environmentally conscious or simply just like the hybrid will enjoy the benefits of better performances, greater affordability, and a 40/43 fuel economy rating for the highway.

And the engine features of the Honda Insight Hybrid are nothing short of spectacular.  There is Eco Assist, an enhanced fuel economy technology component, 1.3liter iVTEC engine, and IMA hybrid system.  Its hybrid system has a 13 horsepower, 10Kilowatt electric motor featuring the Intelligent Power Unit, or IPU.  The IPU reclaims and stores the kinetic energy brought forth by braking in order to give acceleration a boost if need be.  During low and mid driving speeds, the IMA can run solely on electric power and lets cylinder deactivation happen either when the car’s engine is shut-off or during deceleration.  All of this technology can go far with a 400 mile driving range coupled with a fuel tank that can hold 10.6 gallons.

There are many surprises inside the car as well, such as the 60/40 split rear seat backs that fold back, double digital instrument panels, automated climate control, mirror and door lock, power windows, telescoping steering wheel that tilts, 160 watt audio system with CD, MP3 playback capabilities, volume control that is speed sensitive, and input jack.

Of course, you cannot talk about the Insight Hybrid without discussing its excellent feats of safety – front air bags that are dual-threshold and dual-stage, side airbags in the front, OPDS on the passenger side, side curtain system, EBD anti-lock brakes, and the restraints that have been effectively redesigned.  The ACE body structure the crash compatibility from two vehicles greatly varying in size, which protects Insight passengers and the other car’s when hit head on.  The Honda Insight Hybrids safety points are superior to anything else currently on the market – an aspect that brings in a lot of interest from potential 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid owners.

Environmental mindset customers find the Honda Insight a revolution in the car industry.  The new technology is nothing short of amazing, well places safety features for optimum passenger protection, and an interior jam packed with accessories.  Out of all of the technology for hybrid cars available for purchase at this moment, the Honda Insight is thought by many to be the absolute best.  In April 2009, car dealers in the United States will be launching the 2010 Insight throughout the nation.  And for those concerned about saving pennies and dimes, the Insight’s MSRP comes in well underneath the Civic Hybrid.