3 Hybrid Cars Worth Considering

With the uncertainty surrounding fuel prices and growing concern over the environment, the popularity of hybrid cars has risen dramatically in the past five years. These cars use a combination of electric and gas power: gas when acceleration is needed, and electricity when coasting or stopped. Because of this, these cars get really good gas mileage, even in the family sedan models. Honda and Toyota, two car brands that are popular and have a reputation for quality, have hybrid cars on the market. Let’s take a look. Continue reading 3 Hybrid Cars Worth Considering

How Hybrid Cars Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

There is a saying that the cleanest gallon of gasoline is the gallon that isn’t used. But people all over the world depend on cars and trucks for personal and business transportation. Unfortunately, when gas is combusted in a car or truck engine, the carbon in the gas combines with the oxygen in the air to form carbon dioxide, or CO2. Carbon dioxide is one of the major “greenhouse gases,” or gases that cause the overall temperature of the earth to rise. Continue reading How Hybrid Cars Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions