Odd Vehicle

Is this a car? A motorcycle maybe? No – this is a transformers right?

It looks like a Ferrari and a cool bike made a love child and this is what we got.

Odd Vehicle
Odd Vehicle

This amazing vehicle is a creation of a cool bike that has been equipped with extra seats in form of something that looks like a car. There is room for two people in those extra seats. Looks great, right?

Cool Vehicle
Cool Vehicle
Amazing Vehicle
Amazing Vehicle
Cool Bike
Cool Bike

Tips for winter riding

Winter, for most of us, means colder days, even colder nights, and the occasional snow and ice. But to a motorcycle enthusiast, it can potentially mean the end of the riding season! This can be somewhat depressing, especially if you enjoy riding. But, you might be pleased to hear that your riding does not have to end with winter, especially if you live in a climate where the winters are more mild. Here are some tips that might keep you riding, even if the temperature drops a little bit.

The main goal for riding in the winter is not to catch hypothermia. If your clothes get wet (either from the weather or from perspiration…) than it is time to stop IMMEDIATELY and change your clothes. Do not ride with wet clothes! This will offer basically no protection to you from the cold, and hypothermia comes on quicker than I’ll bet you would like to believe!

Your base layer of clothing should consist of either wool blends, silk, or silk blends. NO COTTON! Cotton takes longer to dry, and will leave you more vulnerable to the cold. Your mid layer should consist of your warm clothes. You need to retain body heat, let perspiration escape, and make sure that it is bulky enough to keep you warm. Fleece is ideal for this layer. Your outer layer should consist of waterproof riding pants, boots, and a jacket. Waterproof is essential so that you can stay dry while riding.

You might also want to wear a balaclava underneath your helmet if it is absolutely frigid, and you can even bundle up more around the neck to keep wind from getting down into your jacket. Remember not to drive in the ice or snow, because conditions like these are dangerous enough for cars to drive in, much less motorcycles.

Motorcycle safety tips – riding at night

Even with daylight savings time giving you an extra hour of riding time, you will most likely, at some point or another, commute via motorcycle during night-time hours. If you are any older than 25, than you have probably noticed that riding at night is not as fun as it used to be. And you are right. Riding at night is hard enough on your eyes when you are young, much less when you are older. You know how some people have said that “the eyes are the first to go”? Well, it is kind of true.

But, just because it is hard to see at night does not mean that you have no options when it comes to safety. There are still things that you can do to make yourself safer while riding at night, and if you follow some of these tips (or all of them), than you will increase your chances of “arriving alive” as they say.

First, make sure that your bike is clean. Before riding, scrub your headlight, tail lights, reflectors, all shiny surfaces, and windshield. If you increase the amount of reflective surface on your bike, than you increase the chances of another driver seeing you. It is hard enough to spot a motorcycle sometimes during the day, much less at night!

Also, make sure that your helmet is free of smudges and scratches. Scratches and cracks can distort images, and can make it hard for you to figure out just whether or not that car up ahead is really in your lane or if it just looks like it.

Also, if your bike is running an extra bright headlight, make sure that you dim your light for the other drivers. Bright headlights can blind the very people heading for you, and these are the people whom you really need to be seen by!

Fastest electric motorcycle

Perhaps you have heard of the Killacycle… or perhaps you have not. Well, it is the fastest electric motorcycle on the planet! This motorcycle set the world speed record for electric drag bikes in a screaming 7.82 second ? mile run, during which the bike peaked at 168 mph! The bike is owned by a government scientist named Bill Dube.

So, what kind of batteries power this bike? Well, they are not your classic double A’s, that’s for sure! The battery is a new Nan phosphate electrode battery cell from A123Systems. This battery gives the bike a monstrous boost of power, and utilizes nanotechnology to pry every ounce of speed from this electric demon of the road!

This battery is expected to have a usable life of 10 years, and is made of many more environmentally safe materials than you might think. The motor, which can provide 500 hp, is more than enough to challenge any gasoline powered bike! In fact, specialists and riders alike agree that batteries are bound to replace gasoline as the primary source of power for motorcycles. So, it won’t be long until you see the first battery powered bikes racing. Hey, since everyone else is starting to drive them, why not?

Electric motorcycles are cheaper to run, safer for he environment, and more efficient in terms of utilizing power. Yes, they require some charge time, but you won’t be driving them 24 hours at a time either! There is plenty of down time to allow for charge-ups, leading many to believe that electric bikes are bound for world domination quicker than you might think! So, is the Killacycle impressive? Well, if it impresses the record books, and also professional motorcycle riders around the world, than it more than impresses me!

Motorcycle helmet tips

As far as motorcycle helmets go, there is really only one truly safe choice, and that is an enclosed helmet with a face shield. Granted, it might take some getting used to if you have been riding open-aired up until now, but I guarantee that switching to an enclosed helmet will keep you safer in the long run.

Some people are concerned with these helmets because they seem to limit your field of vision. This is only true vertically. Horizontally, these helmets offer complete vision. Vertically, you may find yourself tilting your head forwards in order to read the instrument panel, but this will still not effect your line of sight with the road. So, vision is really not all that impaired with enclosed helmets.

Another concern with enclosed helmets is the  reduced noise. Some people say that these helmets make it harder to hear the sounds around you that you need to hear in order to be safe. Is this true? Partially. Most of the noise blocked out by an enclosed helmet is just background noise. Sounds like other vehicles coming in your direction are really not effected by an enclosed helmet, so don’t worry about that.

An enclosed helmet also offers more protection against things like bugs and birds. Come on, admit that bugs  in your face is irritating. And do you even want to think about what could happen if a bird hit you in the face at 60 mph? Wouldn’t you rather have an enclosed helmet on for THAT one? It is true that an enclosed helmet will not be as comfortable, but it WILL protect you more, which is the most important thing. Of course, you need to get used to it before you go all out, but if you ever have trouble (which, hopefully you won’t…), than you will undoubtedly be glad that you chose an enclosed helmet.

Dodge Tomahawk

Into high dollar bikes? Into high speed? Into super bikes? Well, than the Dodge Tomahawk just might be your baby, if you think you can handle it. The most expensive bike in production, the Dodge Tomahawk is the ultimate in motorcycle technology. This beast will cost you $250,000, and since production is limited to a few hundred models, you better place your order YESTERDAY if you even want to see one in real life! Continue reading Dodge Tomahawk

Unusual Motorcycles

Are you a big motorcycle fan? If the answer to this question is yes, then you have probably seen many weird and unusual motorcycles in the world. In case you have missed some really weird and strange bikes from around the world, here are few pictures to keep you updated. (click on pictures to enlarge them) Continue reading Unusual Motorcycles

4 things every new biker should know

So, if you are getting ready to buy your first motorcycle, and plan to enter the biking scene for the long run, here are a few things you should think about. For most of us, it is not just plug and play. You need some information before you hit the road, and hopefully these tips will help you make the most of your early biking years… Continue reading 4 things every new biker should know

3 of the most expensive motorcycles

Of all the bikes out there today, there are some that are considered the most elite. Some bikes are simply worth macho dollars, and those who are willing to pay the price can leave the showroom with a prize worth flaunting! But these high-tagged bikes can’t be found in just any showroom, so here is a breakdown of 3 of the most expensive bikes out there today. Enjoy!

MV Agusta  F4 CC. This bike will run you a mere $133,700 dollars or so. No big deal, right? Wrong. That is a lot of money for a motorcycle, but with a top speed of 195 mph fueled by its massive 198 hp engine, this Italian dream might just be worth it!

MV Agusta  F4 CC
MV Agusta F4 CC

Macchia Nera Concept Bike. Ok, on the list of crazy motorcycles, I think this one takes the cake for number one. This bike is built around a Ducati 998RS engine, and is Italian in construction. Considered the ultimate tack bike, this bike will run you about $201,000 (that is, if you can even find a way to order it! It isn‘t built for normal retail sale.)

Macchia Nera Concept Bike
Macchia Nera Concept Bike

MTT Turbine Superbike. If you are into dropping $150,000 on the spot for a bike, than you just might be interested. This bike holds the Guinness World Record for “Most powerful Motorcycle ever to enter series production”. The turbine engine in this bike is capable of over 300 hp, so don’t stomp on it hard until you come to a straight stretch!

MTT Turbine Superbike
MTT Turbine Superbike