Drivers and Sports Cars: A Love Affair

It wasn’t long after the automobile was mass produced in the early 20th century that enthusiasts began thinking of ways to maximize their performance. Though it took a few decades to perfect the design of sports cars to the point where they weren’t rolling death traps, sports cars have always been the objects of desire and fascination for people who are into cars. Even people who claim not to care about car models will take an extra look when a gorgeous little red sports car rolls past. Aesthetics are a close second to engine power where sports cars are concerned. Continue reading Drivers and Sports Cars: A Love Affair

4 Affordable Super Cars

Luxury sports cars appeal to a very particular American demographic. Buyers of luxury sports cars average 41 years old, are overwhelmingly male (81% male to 19% female), and have household incomes of nearly $190,000. Here are some of the characteristics they look for in luxury sports cars: Continue reading 4 Affordable Super Cars

Exhaust system for your Porsche

So, if you are the lucky owner of a new Porsche, than you undoubtedly have taste in cars. And not just any taste, you likely have good taste. Porsches are fast, fine, and exotic in every way… but that doesn’t mean you have to be without some certain “aftermarket goodies”.  Any car, no matter what it is, could stand some tweaking, right? Continue reading Exhaust system for your Porsche