Flying car Flies Off the Shelves

A car manufacturing company have managed to get approval for their flying car from US aviation officials and it has already had orders despite not yet having been manufactured. The car is called a Terrafugia Transition and it looks like an ordinary car and can drive on the roads but can also take off and fly when at a suitable location.

The car was designed as a light sport aircraft and therefore needed to be under 1.320lb in order to fit this FAA classification. Unfortunately this was impossible because when used as a car it needed such a lot of safety equipment such as air bags and roll cage, which made it heavy. However, it has been given special exemption and is allowed to be flown despite being 120lb over the minimum weight limit for this vehicle classification. This classification means that it only needs 20 hours of flying time so the licences are easy to obtain.

Terrafugia Transition

The car is a two seater and can be driven on a road and reaches reasonable speeds and 30mpg. When it is required to fly, its wings can be folded down and the propeller switched on and  it is ready to go. It will need a runway or long stretch of flat ground to take off, like a normal small plane. In the air it can reach 115mph and cover 460 miles as well as being able to carry 450 lb, so a great way to beat that traffic jam and if the flight is too turbulent or visibility so poor it is forced to land, then it can just be driven home again.

The car plane is not cheap and once it goes on sale it is expected to cost £130,000. The manufacturers are pleased with the response they have had so far as they have already had 70 orders.