2010’s Top 10 of the Popular New Vehicles

There are many aspects that go into judging the popularity of a car, such as its price, amount of sales, the size of the engine, its safety features, the exterior look, and the interior look.  Based on our general comparison, the following are 2010’s top 10 vehicles.

The Chevrolet Malibu.  This is 2010’s highest rank car to date, specifically because of its integrated driving system technology.  The exterior is standard – four doors, with a body resembling many of the new sedans made in Japan.  However, the interior design is superb.  And because the Malibu starts at a very reasonable cost, these cars are flying off the lots.

The Chrysler Sebring Sedan. Yes, while it might come as a throw off because it is a sedan, do not let that fool you.  Chrysler has really outdone itself this time in terms of the Sebring sedan’s looks, control, and driving – master design and craftsmanship.  And although the car industry as well as customers are facing difficult financial times, Chrysler has managed to keep the luxurious feel of the Sebring Sedan.

The Dodge Avenger.  From the front, anyone can tell the Avenger is a Dodge.  But from the back, the look is completely different.  Some car experts believe that Dodge has completely overdone the Avenger’s design; however, that is all a matter of opinion.

Numbers four through seven of the vehicles on the 2010 Top 10 list are categorized as SUVs.  They are the XC90 from Sweden, XC60 by Volvo, SRX from America, and the CLK German class.  Because they are basically similar, we have grouped them together.  However, the differences are found in the design.  Some of these SUVs are better looking in regards to its interior, but all of them are highly practical, especially in comparison to the vehicles listed above.  The only downside to the exterior is the color choices, or lack thereof.

At number eight on the list, we have – the Subaru Legacy.  From the moment you first lay eyes on the Legacy, you will immediately notice that the look is sporty and almost mean.  Because of the Subaru Legacy’s spec details, the targeted market is geared towards the younger driver.  It is not meant to be popular with the older set.  However, the overall consensus is that this car drives well, looks great, and is definetly a fantastic deal for the price.

For number nine and number ten on the Top 10 of 2010 list, Audi A3 and Subaru Outback in that order.  Either of these automobiles are a good choice for almost any driver on the road.  But when it comes to the A3 and Outback’s performance and pricing, Audi and Subaru have fallen a bit short.  Of course, if your main reason right now for purchasing a car is to have something fun to play in and take for joyrides up and down the road, you cannot go wrong with either of them.  As a matter of fact, these are the two cars you should look at first.