The Ford Focus in 2012

Smart consumers are looking for ways to save money while still enjoying the benefits of driving a new car. The 2012 Ford Focus makes saving money a possibility with its great gas mileage and low MSRP. Starting with the 2012 models, the Ford Motor Company has decided to improve on its already excellent Focus line of cars. The 2012 Focus stands out for being sportier, edgier and more attractive. This model is made from 55 percent hard steel, which is much more than what is found on other current Ford models. The 2012 Focus is available in a Titanium, SEL, SE or S trim level.

Engine Performance

Although the Ford Focus doesn’t stand a chance in a drag race, it can get you around town fairly fast. The engine is equipped with 2.4-liter, 155 horsepower engine and 145 pound-feet torque. This model comes in either a dual-clutch gearbox or a manual transmission. With a gas mileage of 40 mpg on the highway, the Focus saves drivers money at the pump. If you want a fuel-efficient, practical, inexpensive car, look no further than the 2012 Ford Focus.

Driving Performance

Another feature that is unique to Ford’s 2012 line of Focus automobiles is the torque vectoring control. With this control system, the car enjoys better performance around curves and corners as the system applies break pressure while splitting its power between both front wheels. But Ford hasn’t stopped wowing the public in terms of the Focus’ interior. Its cabin design is second-to-none with the quality materials used by Ford. Several features included for the driver’s convenience are the keyless entry, parking-assistance and rear-view camera. Ford also utilized its MyFord system that allows drivers to adjust music volume and change songs right from the steering wheel.

Safety Features and Other Aspects

Base Focus models are equipped with standard audio systems, adjustable steering wheels and power windows. Those who choose to shell out more money for the premium SE trim will enjoy Ford’s MyKey system that lets parents set a certain speed limit to keep their teenage drivers safer on the road. All trims come with basic safety features such as side airbags, comprehensive airbag systems that include chest protection and side restraint systems. The Titanium Ford Focus boasts a quality Sony sound system, sunroof and MyTouch, which gives drivers the ability to use the audio system and their phone via voice commands.

Now that gas prices have risen to a level that is hurting almost every consumer, there is no better time than this year to purchase a 2012 Ford Focus. Between the starting price range of $15,999-$19,899 and the great gas mileage, this car will save drivers tons of money for years to come.

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