The history of Hybrid cars

A hybrid car is that kind of vehicle that is not only powered by energy from fuel. It uses a combination of electric motor and a combustion engine. One of the most popular models that belong to this category is Toyota Prius. These types of cars were not common historically and they have become more popular in the recent times. Many manufacturers are now offering many models of hybrid cars because of their demand in every part of the world. Though these cars rely on gas, they also reduce demand for fuel by their owners significantly.

During the earlier stages in the automobile industry, there were very few vehicles that were electric powered running on the road. By that time, vehicles that are gas powered did not rule the roads like they do at the moment. These cars developed 100 years after manufacture of the first car, and as is simply put, at the beginning of 21st century. The first model was manufactured in the 60s and these types of vehicles came to be available towards the end of 20th century. The first hybrid car was launched in 1900. It was electric powered only and later an engine that was gas powered was later added to it, hence becoming the first hybrid car.

Toyota Prius

This idea of cars that are double powered emerged later a couple of times. These types of cars are better known for their fuel efficiency and are also environmental friendly. They are built just like the others, but they have a battery that is more prominent. They are rechargeable and their work is to power electric engines.

Even though they depend on fuel to run, they are certainly heading in the right direction, because they use no energy and they work when driving at low speed. This will make you save a lot especially if you are cruising at a speed 40 m/ph.

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