Used cars over the UK

Nowadays many people decide to buy a second hand car over the internet, which means that cars can be sourced from over the whole of the UK. In the past doing this would have been considered too risky to contemplate, but today it is commonplace.

Of course there are good and bad ways to do this. The safest way is to source manufacturer approved cars from franchised dealers.

Many franchised dealers, for instance BMW, have a network of dealers that are willing to sell and deliver approved cars to anywhere in the UK and the procedures of doing so are well established.

Once you locate a car that you are interested in buying, generally by using a car search website such as, you contact the dealer and arrange for them to drive the car to your location. Generally you will need to pay a deposit, possibly £500 or more, but that is really to demonstrate that you are serious and are not messing them about. If you decide that you don’t want the car after seeing it the deposit will be returned.

Once they have brought the car to you, you can examine it and take it for a test drive before you decide whether or not to buy it. If you don’t want it they take it back and you have lost nothing. If you do want it, then they will also take it back in order to complete the sale after which they will again deliver it to you.

There are many additional advantages to buying a manufacturer approved used car. These include that fact that the car has been cherry picked and will be in excellent condition, will have a low mileage for its age, and will be supplied with at least a 12 month guarantee. In fact buying an approved car online is one of the safest ways of getting a second hand car.

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