Want to Live Out Your Dream of Racing – Check This Out!

No race suit or helmet? No problem! All you really need is to have the desire to race for real.

Check out this video below — it explains all about how you can make your dream of racing for real! Over 105 non-professional drivers from all across Europe are going to be selected for the first challenge: a hardcore driving course at the Varano Driving Academy in Parma.



If you’re one of the best 24 drivers from that driving course, you get to compete at the next level. This is an even tougher course that ends up leaving only the best 6 drivers going to the next level.

Want to know what you get if you’re part of the “Golden Six”? You get to race an Abarth 599 Assetto Corse with professional drivers!

Up to the challenge? There’s a brand new Abarth waiting for you if you want to get it! But you have to apply today, because only the best are going to get the opportunity to even try!

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